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Monday, 5 October 2009

Barito Utara

 North Barito District is one district in Central Kalimantan province. This district capital is located in Muara Teweh. This District stands June 29, 1950. District has an area of 8300 km ² and a population of 105,236 inhabitants (2008 census). This district motto is "Iya Mulik Bengkang Turan".

 This District consists of 6 districts, 93 villages and 10 urban villages: Mount PUREI, North Barito
Mount Timang, North Barito
LAHEI, North Barito
MONTALAT, North Barito
Central Teweh, North Barito
East Teweh, North Barito

North Barito regency position at 114 ° 27 '00 "- 115 ° 49' 00" East Longitude and 0 ° 58 '30 "North Latitude - 1 ° 26' 00" south latitude.

North Barito region includes inland Barito River basin, located at an altitude of about 200-1730 m above sea level. The southern part of the lowlands and the north is high and the mountains

The greatest potential in the forestry sector, mining (coal and gold) and (palm oil plantations and rubber). Forestry and rubber plantations have contributed long enough income for the state while the mining sector as well as gold mines contributed significantly. Coal mines and oil palm plantations began to be produced which will hopefully could provide substantial revenue for the state and region.
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