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Saturday, 26 September 2009


Construct a coal formations / layers of coal in the beginning of the accumulation of peat or similar materials which have decay, through the process and heat kompaksi in a very long time the peat will turn into coal.
Indonesia's coal is used for fuel, cement industry, power plant and a small amount of tin and nickel smelting. Coal in Central Kalimantan have started mined since the early 19th
century coal mines near the Muara Teweh been mined since 1910 and are capable of producing about 7,000 tons per year at that time.
Production decreased since World War II and then stop completely around the year 1960.

Survey investigations of coal in Central Kalimantan has been conducted since 1975 by several government institutions and foreign companies, one of PT. BHP-Billiton which has been predicted that there were approximately 400 million tons of coal with a calorific value> 7000
good quality (> 8000 cal / g) was also found in North Barito regency and northern Glum Kingdom.
Coal in this area are found in Muara Bakah, Bakanon, MONTALAT River, River LAHEI, Maruwai River and surrounding areas. Some coal layer has a thickness reaches 1.5 to 7 meters and have a qualified "Cooking Coal with the following contents:

- The water content: 8.74 to 15.53%
- Volatile Matter: 0.39 to 1.76%
- Carbon: 38.44 to 48.66%
- Sulfur: 0.35 to 0.46%
- Value Calories: 7000 to 8000 cal / gr.
- CSN: 5 to 7

Other locations also have the potential content of coal with a calorific value <6000>

- Kab.Gunung Mas: Kec.Tewah, RUNGAN, Kurun, Manuhing.
- East Kotawaringin: Kec.Mentaya Upstream, Downstream and Cempaga Land Use.
- Kab.Katingan: Central Kec.Katingan, and crisp Tewang Sangalang.
- West Kab.Kotawaringin: Base Old Bull and Kotawaringin.
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