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Monday, 28 September 2009

Lake Trahayan

It has become their habit every evening at dusk the residents in and around the lake Trahayan fishing job. Trahayan Lake is part of the camping grounds (BuPer) "Commander Batur" is located in the village Trahayan, Kec. Middle Teweh, Kab. North Barito, Prov. Central Kalimantan. Brief information about the area Trahayan:

a) Location / Place:
• In the area camping grounds "Panglima Batur"
• The Administrative Governance in the Trahean village, Central Teweh subdistrict, North Barito regency, Central Kalimantan Province.

b) Facilities & Infrastructure:
• The fence around the area
• home generators
• Lake
• public toilets
• Mushala
• The tower and water tank
• drainage channels
• Electricity Network
• Place guarding each entrance location
• Building as a community hall and housing
• Field camp site and can be used for other purposes, such as the Festival of Music and the like because there is a stage overlooking the lake ship-shaped screen.

c) Topography: Generally mild undulating topography with a slope estimated at 30 to 35 degrees between the highest to the lowest.

d) Total Area: camping grounds area is estimated to total approximately ± 200 ha, including lake.

e) Vegetation: overgrown weeds, grass and trees.

f) Soil conditions / road in the area: Sand and gravel, yellow clay land, marshy, paved (some)

g) The environment: near the fishing place (such as in Martapura Bincau) and transmigration sites.

a. Teweh - Location: via land taken through the streets Province + / - 20 minutes continued to the village Trahean + / - 20 minutes, good road conditions and bumpy, partly paved and can be reached by vehicle wheels 2 and 4 wheels include the type of truck, bus.
b. Banjarmasin - Location: Via air using pioneering Susi Air flight landed at Muara Teweh continues as point a, Via Land-Muara Teweh Banjarmasin taken + / -8 hours plus point a.
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