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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Barito di Luwe

Luwe is a district in North Barito (Batara) Central Kalimantan. Barito is a river (River Basin). Photo taken August seitar mid-tide conditions.
Info about the Barito river from Indonesian Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia as barikut:

Barito is the area along the river basin (DAS) Barito, especially those including the region of Central Kalimantan province. This area during the reign of former Dutch East Indies is Afdeeling Onder its capital in Barito Muara Teweh (now the capital of North Barito). Former Onder Afdeeling Barito (part of the Barito, Kapuas Afdeeling) now has developed into 4 districts of South Barito, North Barito, East and Glum Barito Raya. This region is now struggling to establish Barito Raya province, where the movement is rooted in the thinking of the residents along the Barito Basin in the field of political science, to ask for more attention and to get a more balanced distribution and provision of access, economic access to the wealth of resources owned by natural areas located along the Barito Basin.

This Barito region Negarakertagama mentioned in the Book as one of the Majapahit empire conquered the area in the island state Cape. In the kingdom of Banjar region included in the regional influence of power.

Downstream and the estuary of the Barito river basin district is the area of Barito Kuala, South Kalimantan. Barito Kuala is a division of the districts of Banjar District. During the Dutch East Indies Barito Kuala districts including Afdeeling Bandjarmasin.

In general, residents who live along the river are from ethnic Barito Barito Isolec category or the Dayak with narrative language such as Barito Bakumpai Dayak, Dayak Glum, Dayak Siang, Maanyan Dayak, Dayak Bawoo.

After Banjar War ended, there was a big war better known as the War with fighters Barito primarily pangaran Antasari, Queen Gt.Muhammad Zaleha and Seman. Figure community of resistance fighters in other Barito is Commander junk, and Haji Tumengung Surapati Matalib.
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